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Do you want to know what the most popular travel site is? Maybe you are interested in a used car, what sites are others going to? Top five live top sites shows you the sites that everyone is going to with the best search engine. We have many different catagories to choose from, get started now click here DASHBOARD to login. Top five live search engine traffic is the best on the web.

The New Net

"As businesses become increasingly data-centric, and with the coming age of the Internet of Things (IoT), enterprises and data-driven organizations must become adept at efficiently deriving insights from their data." - Google

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Real Time Stats

Get up to the minute stats as people serf the web, that traffic information is routed to our site. This makes your online experience the best on the web.

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Change the layout of your dashboard however you feel. Change the color, move the widgets around, select your favorite categories to track. Select your favorite background image to go along with your theme.

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Designed with the user in mind. Free flowing content, moving images, real time stats at your fingertips. Uses the latest and greatest technology available on the web. Responsive dashboard with fluid movement and collapsible menus.



About Us

Ever think about where everyone goes when they get to the internet? What about how you neighbor found that great vacation
deal and paid much less than you for the same vacation? Which site did they go to?


We have devoted our time to discovering what really motivates people to go to certain websites. Which site has the most traffic, how do I know, where can I find out which site everyone got that good deal from. Now with Top Five Live you can see where everyone is going to get that great deal. Don’t want to be left in the dark about the next big thing, then check out Top Five Live to see where everyone is going, and be the first to get there and tell all your friends about it.

Our Philosophy

Let the world's web
traffic guide you.

Team Top Five Live

Website Traffic

Web traffic is being calculated every day, why not tap into all of those metrics being gathered in today. The biggest thing in today's world is metrics, everyone wants to know what is going on and who is visting their site. We gather all of this information and put it at your finger tips. We make it Easy to travel the web with our dashboard.



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